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There are very few things in life (besides my family and friends... and Frannie and Walter) I love more than bubby bevs and yummy bites of food.  

My love affair with entertaining and the joy of culinary creativity started with an episode of Martha Stewart Living.  I was probably only 12 years old but knew there was something special about the attention to detail this woman had when presenting food to her loved ones.  I had only seen champagne in the movies and when she causally opened a bottle from her fridge because (something to the effect of) "You never know when there will be something to celebrate" I was smitten.  I wanted to celebrate immediately.

Since then, my passion for food and entertaining was enriched through reading recipes, watching food television and experiencing family get togethers that centered around a special meal.  There are so many reasons I love bubbles and birtes.  Both incorporate art and science and are enjoyed by all.  This blog will story the recipes I've developed on my own and the intricate and extravagant meals I'm lucky enough to taste here in Nashville.  I'll also detail some fun adventures and travel suggestions.  I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have! 

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